A free Bible reading/studying program for Android, Mac, and Windows.

Installing erasmus on your Android phone or tablet
When you download and install erasmus from this web site, you may see a warning resembling the following (the exact appearance will vary from phone to phone and with different versions of Android):

Tap "More details", and the following is shown:

Tap "install anyway" and erasmus will be installed.

Why does Android think erasmus is possibly unsafe? This is because Google wants people to get all Android apps through their online App store. erasmus is only updated once or twice a year, but the Android API changes more often. They occasionally weed out any apps on their store that do not use a recent API. This means that sometimes between erasmus releases, erasmus can be removed from the App store. But you can always get the latest version of the app directly from this site. And you don't need to worry if erasmus uses an older Android API - the app doesn't do anything that could compromise your security.