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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to some questions about erasmus.

When I switch a Bible, why does the verse number sometimes change from what it was?
Some Bibles (such as the Westminster Hebrew Codex) have different versification than other versions. That means that, although the text is there, the verse numbers associated with it may differ slightly. In this circumstance, erasmus will take you to the same verse text, even if it is a different verse number.

But when I specify a verse in the reference dialog, why does it go to the verse number I enter rather than the verse corresponding to the equivalent verse in a Bible such as the WEB version?
When you specify a version and verse, erasmus goes to the verse in that reference work. No versification compensation is done except when you cross-reference between versions.

Why does my device say that the erasmus download has a virus?
False positives from virus scanners happen regularly - and not just on erasmus. The problem with commercial virus scanners like Norton and McAfee is that they fear the bad publicity that comes from not catching an actual virus, which causes them to make their detectors overly sensitive.

"Heuristics based" virus scanners are especially bad. Rather than looking for known viruses, they look for virus-like behaviour. As you might imagine, legitimate installers do a lot of things that a virus also does, such as writing files, updating the registry, and so forth.

We recommend that you verify a positive virus identification with multiple antivirus products, such as malwarebytes, Windows Security essentials, and AVG. If they all report a virus, then you have reason to be suspicious. However, if one or more of them do not identify a virus, the file is almost certainly virus-free. You can also use virustotal.com website. This site can scan URLs or files against a long list of different virus scanners. If most report a virus, then there might be a problem. Otherwise, you are probably safe.

Chrome won't even let me download erasmus because it says it has a virus.
To work around this, you need to use a different internet browser to download the file, or turn off your antivirus long enough to finish the download (just be sure to turn it back on when you are done)!