A free Bible reading/studying program for Android, Mac, and Windows.

Installing erasmus on Windows
When you download and install erasmus from this web site, you may see a warning resembling the following (the exact appearance will vary with different versions of Windows):

Tap "More info", and the following is shown:

Tap "Run anyway" and erasmus will be installed.

Why does Windows think erasmus is possibly unsafe? This is because Microsoft is trying to protect you from malware. The way they protect software is by requiring a digital certification for each program. Unfortunately, the cost of a digital certificate is about $100. With two Windows platforms (32-bit and 64-bit) times four editions, there are eight different install programs that need certificates, in addition to the erasmus app itself. That is 9 certificates per release of erasmus. We try to release two versions per year. This amounts to $1,800/year for a program that we provide for free. We will attempt to keep the latest version(s) on the Windows app store, but you can always get the latest version from this site.