A free Bible reading/studying program for Android, Mac, and Windows.

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erasmus version 1.1A has been released as of July 15th, 2023 and is available for download. View release notes.

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Because storage space is limited on mobile devices, we provide several editions so you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Most Windows systems have enough space that you can choose the largest edition for that platform without concerns. All editions contain the same program with the same features; the main difference is which reference works are included. If all you want is a way to read the Bible and search for text in the Bible, the 128 MB edition is sufficient. It includes the popular KJV version and various older and newer translations, including a Spanish version. If you want to dig a little deeper, choose the 256 MB edition, which also includes encyclopedias, commentaries, and devotionals. For the richest experience, choose the 512 MB edition which adds maps and photos of the Holy Land, additional topical articles, a hymnal, and original language reference works - such as Greek and Hebrew Interlinears and lexicons. See the list below for details on which reference works are contained in each edition.

Reference work128 MB edition*256 MB edition512 MB edition
American King James Version (AKJV)
American Standard Version (ASV)
Berean Greek Bible (BGB)
Berean Literal Bible (BLB)
Berean Reader's Bible (BRB)
Berean Study Bible (BSB)
Catholic Public Domain Bible (CPDV)
Darby Bible Translation
Douay-Rheims Bible
English Revised Version (ERV)
JPS Tanakh (JPS)
King James Version (KJV)
Reina Valera 1909 Spanish Bible (RVR)
Textus Receptus (Stephanus 1550) Greek New Testament
World English Bible (WEB)
Webster Bible
Westminster Leningrad Codex (Hebrew Old Testament)
Weymouth Bible
Young's Literal translation (YLT)
Hebrew/English Interlinear
Berean Greek/English Interlinear Bible (BIB)
Geneva Notes
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Nave's Topical Bible
Smith's Bible Dictionary
Morning and Evening
Reflections in the Redwoods
Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
Strong's Dictionary
Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land
Grace Abounding
Journal of John Wesley
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Institutes of the Christian Religion
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
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Word and phrase search
Customizable Bible Reading Plan
Editable reference lists
Find where verses and topics are referenced
View parallel passages side-by-side for commentaries and Bibles
Tap/click on references to see the contents of the reference
Reference hover (Windows only)
Simple interface
View multiple commentary or Bible versions side-by-side
Verse reference chains
Verse/topic cross-references
View articles for a topic from different encyclopedias side-by-side
View Greek definitions from different lexicons side by side
Click/tap on a word for information on the word
Topic/photo cross-references
Topic/map cross-references
Topic/hymnal cross-references
Verse/hymnal cross-references
Listen to hymn tunes while reading
In-app help

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