A free Bible reading/studying program for Android and Windows.

Installing erasmus on your Mac
1. Download the edition of your choice.

2. Open your downloads folder in Finder

3. Double-click the erasmus download. This will extract Erasmus.app and place it in your downloads folder.

4. Drag Erasmus.app to your Applications folder.

5. Depending on which version of OSX you are running, when you first run erasmus, you might get a warning about the application being unknown and possibly unsafe. Press the Okay button to continue running the program. The application will also request access to your Documents folder. You should allow access for best operation of erasmus.

Why does Mac OSX think erasmus is possibly unsafe? This is because Apple wants people to pay a yearly fee for a developer ID that then allows applications to be marked as safe. This paid ID is also necessary to get an app listed in the Apple store. It is unreasonable to be expected to pay Apple for the honor of providing free software for their platform (and this is in addition to the related costs on other platforms).