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Upgrading from a pre-release of erasmus on Android

Problem: Several pre-release versions of erasmus were available for download in 2022. If you installed any of these versions on your Android device, you should uninstall those version(s) prior to installing erasmus V1.0 (or later). Failure to do so can result in multiple different versions of erasmus existing simultaneously on your device. This is due to an internal change made to the app between the pre-release and version 1.0 (and later) which causes Android to see them as separate apps. Note that all pre-release versions have a version of 0 (for instance Version 0.92). The version can be checked by tapping the main options icon (top right), selecting "About" and looking at the version displayed in the About box. Note: This problem does not exist with the Windows version of erasmus.

How this problem may manifest itself: After installing the latest version and using it, the problem can manifest in many possible ways. Among these are:

  1. you still have a pre-release launching when you tap the icon.
  2. The appearance and capabilities of the app may vary from usage to usage.
  3. A different set of tabs or text may be displayed than from the last time you used the app. Note that devotionals opened via "Open Devitional" on the main options menu will automatically update to the current date and/or time and does not necessarily indicate this problem.
  4. Options (such as text size) may vary from usage to usage.

Resolution: If you find that you have the above situation, you can attempt to locate the pre-release and specifically uninstall it. However, since the app icons are identical, this may be difficult. The easiest way to correct the problem is to uninstall all versions of erasmus from your device(s) and then download and reinstall the latest version from this site.

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